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Mar 16, 2015

Adapting Brian Deer - Week #4

Week #4 - March 9-13, 2015

We are into our fourth week since we began using the Brian Deer Classification System to organize our library material at Aanischaaukamikw.  When I was first introduced to the system around 2012 and saw the classification plan it looked difficult to understand and I didn’t feel confident enough to tackle it on my own.  I wanted to visit a Cree/Native library that used this system to see first-hand how they were using it and to find out how it was working for them.  We were going to meet Tim Deer at Kahnawake, but we had to cancel our trip.  When Ashley showed me the steps in adding the call numbers, I was surprised, as what had seemed too difficult to comprehend turned out to be reasonably easy!

Since then the Brian Deer Classification System seems less complicated to me then when I first saw it.  For me, the challenge lies in trusting my judgement in developing accuracy to divide the books by their topics/subjects.  I keep asking Raegan and Ashley whether I have chosen the right topic for each book.  What I like about the system is that we can change or add additional information to suit the unique needs of our library material. I think the Brian Deer Classification System was a great choice to use because it provides us with the ease of either revising or expanding it to meet our needs.  For example I like what Raegan and Ashly did by adding “CDB” to specify “James Bay/Hudson Bay” to the Continents, Regions, Countries, & Names cutters. 

Written by Annie Bosum

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