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Mar 27, 2015

Adapting Brian Deer - Week #6

Week #6 - March 23-27, 2015 

There are little things that trip me up now that I am more familiar with Deer.  That being said, I am also finding the mistakes easier to find after I make them.

Every once and while I will be on a roll, giving books call numbers in quick succession.  You can guess where the book should be placed by the title; you confirm the topic (by reading the back of the book and checking out the table of contents) and moving to check the author and date of the book. It can be a few seconds to place a book now compared to the 2-10 minutes I used to take for each title.  However, I find that I am less careful than when we first started.  With speed (and sometimes because of my overconfidence), a few little mistakes are made every once and a while.

The shelves are filling up!

Today I was placing call numbers on the book and found 2 call numbers where I had forgotten to add the author code after the subject and place codes.  I put the books aside, went back into the database to make the change.  I fixed the call numbers and reprinted the stickers.

Other times it can be something as simple as mixing up letters in your head.  Canadian Arctic material goes under “CS”, United States of America Arctic region (Alaska) goes under “CVA” and International Arctic goes under “DA.”  Upon review of some titles, I found that I had placed many titles that should have been under “CVA” under the general North American Indigenous Peoples code “CY” and then placed a geographic code for Alaska “UAK” after it.  While it could technically be correct using “CY UAK,” using “CVA” is a much more accurate call number as it keeps the Inuit material together rather than mixing it in, with say Athapaskan.

We take these little mistakes in stride and check each other’s work every once in a while.  When we make changes to the classification system itself, we know that we will have to go back and redo some titles, but more on that soon.

Written by Raegan M. Swanson

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