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Mar 6, 2015

Adapting Brian Deer - Week #3

Week 3 - March 2-6, 2015

Sometimes, after you start a project, you have to go back and make some changes.  This is how we started this third week of implementing Deer.  Ashley had been thinking about the call number structure and the order of the cutter codes didn’t sit right with her.  We discussed it, and decided to go back and make some changes to books that we had already worked on. 

Originally the call numbers looked like this:
1. Class designator (1-6 letters)
2. One Person cutter code (author/creator)
3. Place-specific cutter code (if applicable)
4. Date
5. Volume Number (when present)

Now our New call numbers would look like this:
1. Class designator (1-6 letters)
2. Place-specific cutter code (if applicable)
3. One Person cutter code (author/creator)
4. Date
5. Volume Number (when present)

Ashley took each of the books that needed to be redone (around 60 titles) and printed new labels for the books.  This didn’t take as much time as creating labels since it was a question of moving cutter code 2 and 3 around.  She changed the call number in the database and then copied and pasted the new call number into the label template.

Only some of these books have stickers...

We have run into a supply situation… we are out of clear stickers to protect barcodes and call numbers.  While an order has been placed, we will continue to make call numbers and place them on books.  Once the clear stickers arrive then we will go back and cover up the call numbers.

We have also continued to add and refine our Classification Plan.  Place names and sub-headings get added almost every other day.  These subjects were either not in the Classification Plan at all and needed to be added, or the idea was there and the content had to be adjusted to be more inclusive.  

We are still asking each other questions as we work.  We each have a print-out of the Classification Plan and one master Classification Plan on our shared server space.  We write in the changes and at the end of the day we make those changes to the digital document.  If there have been lots of different changes, then we print out new plans for each of us.  We want to control the number of versions that exist of the Classification Plan and this is an easy way to do it.

Annie hard at work
We are creating call numbers faster and faster with each passing day.  There will always be books that are more difficult to classify then others, but we need to consult each other less and less.
It has been so great to see the shelves filling up with labeled books!

Written by Raegan M. Swanson

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