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Apr 22, 2015

Adapting Brian Deer – Week # 8

Week #8 – April 6-10, 2015

Some quirks we don’t catch until we look at them with a book in our hands. Although we have catalogued more than a third of our collection, we are still finding new topics to add and adjust in our classification scheme. The Brian Deer Classification Scheme was never meant to be applied universally to all indigenous collections. The document Raegan adapted our scheme from was from a library with a focus on British Columbian indigenous groups, so she changed it to have a focus on Quebec groups. Most of the subcategories were copied over, and we have added quite a few since we started, but this week we noticed another challenge to working with a system developed elsewhere: the person who created it was not a specialist in Cree topics.

Annie first noticed a quirk in the Language subject heading when she tried to catalogue a book on Inuktitut and saw that languages had been divided into Quebec and non-Quebec, which would put books on Inuktitut in Quebec quite a few shelves away from books on Inuktitut in general. The same would happen with books on East Cree and books on Cree in general. These provincial lines didn’t seem to make too much sense to either of us, so we got rid of that division and looked more closely at the rest of the language section.

Under Language—Algonkian—Cree (TBC), the BC system had no dialects listed, meaning books about Plains Cree were mixed in with books about Inland East Cree. Also, Montagnais/Naskapi  had its own category quite far down the list from Cree (TBG), with other unrelated language groups in between. Innu-aimun/Montagnais and Iyuw Iyimuun/Naskapi are both separate dialects of Cree, so we got rid of the TBG category and added both dialects to the list of sub-categories under Cree. Someone who had no knowledge of Cree dialects created the original order of the languages, but thankfully Annie is here to set things straight and make sure the Cree books in our collection are in the proper categories.

Written by Ashley Dunne

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