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Apr 23, 2015

Adapting Brian Deer – Week # 9

Week #9 – April 13-17, 2015

We’ve written about developing new categories to suit our collection, we’ve written about altering the format of our call numbers. This week’s post is about the little details. When we started with the 55-page classification plan, we knew we would be adding to it as we went. In 8 weeks, we have added more than two whole pages of categories to better adapt the plan to our collection. However, sometimes editing the master plan is not a matter of adaptation, but a matter of spell-check.
Raegan briefly touched on this problem in the last post. How do you spell-check a document full of call numbers such as “NBZT.VM”? Even reading it over again and again, as the three of us have done, errors in the call numbers escape notice because it all looks a bit like alphabet soup! 
The “N” category (Nature & Ecological Knowledge) is a big category—the only one with so many levels of specificity that it has some 8-letter class designators—so there are a lot of opportunities for error. After finding another class designator with a letter out of place this week, I went through all 13 pages of that category with a fine tooth comb until I was certain all was in order. I wouldn’t be too surprised if I missed something, though!

We are hoping to help other libraries avoid these errors by making our classification plan easy to download and edit once we are done. That way, it will be easier for others to adapt it to their own collection without having to type it up from scratch. We are also considering whether Word is the best file type for us to continue to use. An Excel format might have allowed us to catch those errors, but we have some concerns about accessibility. We want to make this classification scheme as easy to use as possible.
We are open to recommendations for file formats. For those of you who are considering using this classification system at your own organisation, what format would you prefer to work with?

Written by Ashley Dunne

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