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ACCI flows from the knowledge that Cree culture must be captured, maintained, shared, celebrated, and practiced. Cree Elders have spoken of the need for a central place for the protection of the way, and have developed a vision for Aanischaaukamikw over several decades.

Apr 15, 2013

Jackie Gull Memorial Pipun Eeyou Eetouwin

Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute was recently invited to attend the Jackie Gull Memorial Pipun Eeyou Eetouwin in Waswanipi. We were absolutely delighted with the hospitality and kindness shown towards us from everyone involved in this event. Upon our arrival in Waswanipi we were invited for a feast where we were served bannock, rabbit stew, moose stir fry, moose tongue and moose intestine. All food was prepared on open fires in teepees at the cultural village by an extremely knowledgeable and friendly group of elders. As we sat around, sampling some of the most delicious and exquisite food, laughter and stories filled the lunch time conversation. Being welcomed with this form of hospitality was truly a remarkable experience. 

We quickly set up our table and met with residents from the Cree Nation of Waswanipi. Virtual tours of our exhibit were shown; books and information from our Library and Archives were on display; and people came to view our collection of videos. As day turned to evening, the excitement grew as we prepared to show “The Cree Hunters of Mistassini”, a film that follows 3 families living in the bush for the winter months while they live a traditional lifestyle. The turnout was exceptional and all in attendance enjoyed seeing the film.

On the following day Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute staff returned to show the same film to the local elders. When the film started, laughter filled the air, and when it was over, the conversation amongst the audience was all about living a traditional lifestyle and memories were shared for all to hear. 

ACCI would sincerely like to thank Diane Cooper, Alex Moses and the Elders of Waswanipi for inviting and allowing our staff to participate in this wonderful event.