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ACCI flows from the knowledge that Cree culture must be captured, maintained, shared, celebrated, and practiced. Cree Elders have spoken of the need for a central place for the protection of the way, and have developed a vision for Aanischaaukamikw over several decades.

Aug 29, 2013

Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute creates a mural honouring the late Dr. Billy Diamond

ACCI has added a new mural to the Chief Billy Diamond Hall. The mural is part of the 1% for art project, which means that 1% of the construction costs of our building has been put aside for artwork specifically made for our building. A jury composed of Dianne Ottereyes Reid, Kenny Mianscum, Stephen Rotman, Stephen Inglis and Maurice Achard selected the designs and artists through a series of competitions. 

Virginia Brodeleau, an artist from Rapide-des-Cèdres, related to the family of Billy Diamond, came to ACCI near the end of July, and with the assistance of Michel Varin and Norbert Lemire, painted a magnificent mural for us and for all visitors to enjoy.

The mural is a homage to the late Chief Billy Diamond, marking the organizations he helped to establish, and the inspiration he represented to his people. It captures the essence of Eeyou Istchee and aspects of life that have made Eeyou Istchee what it is.

Please enjoy the short video, compiled from July 30 to August 8 of still images taken over 8 days.