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ACCI flows from the knowledge that Cree culture must be captured, maintained, shared, celebrated, and practiced. Cree Elders have spoken of the need for a central place for the protection of the way, and have developed a vision for Aanischaaukamikw over several decades.

Feb 25, 2014

CPR Training

From February 24 until February 27 ACCI and CNG staff will learn about CPR and First Aid procedures. The training given by Bruno Blacksmith will teach the staff on how to proceed in case of emergencies ensuring our staff is well prepared to act in many emergency scenarios. Staff that had already taken the course is having the chance to revisit the content and update their knowledge to the newest procedures approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. 

So far we had a great time during the training; our instructor understands the needs of our group and answered all our questions. Look at us practicing with our dummies! 

We also learned that we need to remain calm under stressful situations as that will help us to help others! So DO NOT PANIC, you can do it! 

Thank you Jen for organizing the training, and staff for participating. Good luck to the next group!

Written by Marina Piza, Coordinator of Collections and Exhibits.