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ACCI flows from the knowledge that Cree culture must be captured, maintained, shared, celebrated, and practiced. Cree Elders have spoken of the need for a central place for the protection of the way, and have developed a vision for Aanischaaukamikw over several decades.

May 29, 2014

Gregory Brass joined the staff at Aanischaaukamikw as Assistant Executive Director

On May 12th, Gregory Brass joined the staff at Aanischaaukamikw as Assistant Executive Director.

Gregory has done considerable work with the Cree Health Board and is completing his PhD in medical anthropology at McGill University, but has returned to one of his earlier interests, museum studies.

We all welcome Gregory and are happy to share his reflections on his first days here.

Gregory writes….

It took me 5 minutes to fall in love with Aanischaaukamikw. Truly, this is a stunning building! Dr Stephen Inglis, Executive Director, gave me a full tour upon the morning of my arrival. Overall I am in awe by what the facility has to offer and impressed by what the staff has accomplished in such a short period of time. The exhibit space is tastefully done and shows great respect for the objects and Cree culture. How the exhibited items have been displayed shows attention to detail as well as thoughtfulness given to the layout and the needs of visitors. Before I even started my new job I also looked at the on-line exhibits; it was a real treat to see these important items in front of me. One thing I particularly liked was listening to the Elders speak. This unique approach adds to the visitor’s experience. Of course, it is the floor below where the all action occurs.

My tours included the stored collections and various workspaces. This is part of what I love about working in cultural heritage facilities – the advanced mechanics and sophisticated technologies that make the place run, all the hidden corridors, and the storage spaces full of often old and fascinating materials. One can feel the steady hum of focussed activity. Over the past week I have been getting to know the staff working here. I am deeply impressed by all of them. They really know their areas of professional responsibility well. They bring with them a high level of education along with significant past experiences and training. Importantly, their individual commitment to each other and the organization is evident. From what I have heard and seen so far there is a strong collective motivation to see this place succeed in its mission to promote Cree culture and bring it forward into the future. In my position as Assistant Executive Director, my aim will be to help foster this potential, not just for the facility, visitors and future generations but the people who will make Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute a successful world class museum and centre for celebration and learning. What a fabulous place to work! I am honoured to work here and look forward to working with all of you!